LTV Group


LTV Group was founded in 2017 by Per-Olov Jansson with a focus on M&A in the financial services industry. The business was built into 8-figures before it was exited during the pandemic.

LTV subsequently shifted the focus of its activities towards utilising the experiences from over 20-years of business building, financial, growth and mergers and acquisitions activities towards assisting today’s business owners to succeed in an increasingly complex business world.

We feel the most excited when we encounter existing successful business owners that feel that they are stuck and want to get our help to move to the next level. We also get excited when we can combine the opportunity to help grow a business at the same time as we make it ready for an exit which is something we have done ourselves for our own businesses.

Meeting and speaking with business owners on a daily basis we know that there are are a lot of worries, concerns that goes through your heads. We therefore promise the following.


Respect your time

Listen to your needs

Act with integrity

Only engage when we feel we can help

Be a fellow human being