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LTV Group was founded by Per-Olov Jansson in 2017 together with a strong team of experienced individuals to build a different financial planning organization that starts with the client at the center point for all that we do.

LTV is seeing new opportunities for advisers with offering further services to existing and new clients and in this way becoming an even more integrated part of the client’s life. This will benefit all stakeholders, both clients, advisers and companies.

In 2021 LTV ventured into developing its own digital platform that will assist the group with both new client recruitment but also to help educate clients around the importance of financial planning. The digital platform will extend the group’s services to the large European SME market, containing just under 30-million SMEs, with sophisticated and complex planning needs.

LTV UK Holdings Ltd.
York House, Stephensons Way
Wyvern Business Park, Derby DE21 6LY
United Kingdom

LTV Group S.A.
1, Avenue de la Gare, L-1611 Luxembourg
Phone: +352 2088 1783

LTV Group S.A. Vienna Branch Office
Gumpendorfer Straße 19, c/o ANDYS.CC
A-1060 Vienna, Austria
Phone: +43 720 775435

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