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LTV Group


LTV Group was founded in 2017 by Per-Olov Jansson with a focus on doing transactions in the financial services industry. The driver was the belief that the industry needed to change in the direction of becoming Trusted Advisers rather than having a product focus and this was the core concept driving the work of the group.

During the later part of 2021, LTV shifted its focus towards the Accounting sector seeing big opportunities in this industry. The one major realisation is that the Accountant is already in the position of being the Trusted Adviser to its typical SME client.

It is difficult to get a clear estimate of the size of revenue in the wealth management market combined which we deem to include, financial advice/private banking, asset management, and insurance sales. We can rest assured though that the number is several times larger than the approximate 500 billion turnover in the Accounting industry. There is no real reason for this, and this is even though actual Trusted Advisers are the Accountants. Their clients, the SME owners, are also the group that sits on the largest amount of wealth in society.

Our conviction is that with Accounting firm owners, being given the tools to expand on their Advisory services they can start to shift this equation in their favour, and over time collect a much larger part of the advisory pie. This will dramatically improve the profitability for Accounting firms and give them the full reward for their value add – which from experience, we are not always convinced is being provided by the wealth management market.

LTV is perfectly placed to assist Accounting firms to prosper into the future and to shift the scale in their favour, and that is exactly what LTV will be assisting our clients with.